Lion by Chelsea Rae Suydam / Chelsea and Julia

Lion passed away on Friday, September 24, 2004 due to poisoning by Hartz brand flea shampoo. He had a seizure within 24 hours of a bath using this product and was found seizing on the floor by Chelsea who is 8 years old and has been Lion’s friend her whole life. By the time a vet could diagnose him, he was in complete liver failure. We tried for three weeks, using extreme measures such as blood transfusions and a feeding tube to save his life, but he slipped away from us anyway. Lion was a great spirit. He loved his family so much. He would protect us with every ounce of his orange furry body. He used to “inspect” anyone who came into our house and if they passed inspection he would leave them alone, but if they didn’t….watch out! He would sit near them and watch their every move and growl at them if they even seemed like they were going to touch his buddy Chelsea. He hated it when anyone cooked anything that sizzled, he was really afraid you would set off the smoke alarm! Lion loved his other kitty buddies too, Shakhan who had passed away due to a brain tumor just two weeks before Lion passed and Ari who lives on now as an “only” kitty and who misses him a lot as well. Please do not use Hartz products on your kitties. Learn from the mistake that caused us to lose our Lion. Hartz is bad. Please visit or Lion’s website at


With much love and sorrow,
Chelsea Rae Suydam