Little Buddy by Joe Drahos / -POPPY-

My beloved little boy :

I know you are no longer suffering that is the only comfort I find in your death. I pray I did not make you suffer by keeping you alive. You played, you ate and you loved like normal. I do not believe you were suffering. The vet told me you were going to die … and you seemed so normal.

Then, suddenly you were gone. I was not ready. God made the choice I could not make. I am glad I had the chance to say goodbye and to tell you I loved you. You looked me in the eye and licked my nose. I miss you so much. I miss the happy, loving greeting you gave me everyday. On bad days you made me forget why it was bad. I miss the way you tucked your head against my heart and
loved me unconditionally.

It’s hard to get to sleep sometimes…. but if I think hard enough I can dream about your cute face. I feel lucky to have spent the time together we did. You will never be replaced. Until we meet again, I love you Little buddy…. you’ll always be my little boy.


With all my heart,
Little Buddy
17, Apr 2003
Joe Drahos