Little Girl by Eddie Spires / Eddie

I never forget when you came to me..I had other cat name Sam and one day I was feeding him and he look up at me and did a big mewo..and turn around and did other Big mewo and there you came around the side of the building..I look at Sam and he had a big smile on his I told you to coem on and I will feed you to…You have been with me every since..and that was 1988..we have move five time since then and you all ways there with me..
You became sick and I took you in to see what we can do for you and he gave you some meds to take but that did not do it…The next day (Oct.2,2002) i took you back in and he put you on IV and did some blood work..but you never came out of it…I love you Little will allways be with me till we will meet I know you and Baby Cake are together again and you two are having FUN….


I love you Girl,
Little Girl
Eddie Spires