Little Guy by Carol / Mommy

Little Guy you were and still are my little love. I remember when Mommy first saw you. I had no intention of getting a pet. But you looked at me with those big eyes and you had a cute little smile on you face, who could resist. I picked you up and you weighed nothing, you put your little head on my shoulder and started licking my neck. From that moment on we were inseparable. You wouldn’t let me out of your sight and I couldn’t let you out of mine.

I was lucky I could take you to work with me so you was always there. I remember everytime I took a shower how you would run back and forth and whine because you couldn’t see me, so I would leave the door ajar so you could sit there and make sure I was around.

You became a big part of my Dad’s life as well. If I had to go somewhere without you I would leave you with him. I can remember looking out the window at the two of you walking around the yard like best friends. He would be talking to you like he knew you could understand. He loved you so. When dad got sick I would bring you to the hospital and you would lay on his chest and he would stroke your little back. I could see the love in his and your eyes. You really helped him.
When dad passed away you took it pretty hard. You just moped around for days. How ironic the morning you passed away was also in March. I saw a falling star that morning and knew it had
to be my dad coming for you.

I miss the smile that you always had on your face. I miss the way you would flop down and lift you hind leg to be scratched. I miss you pushing little red rabbit into me so I would throw him for you to fetch, but most of all I miss you cuddling up next to me whenever I sat or slept and your little nose cold against me. Somehow I always knew that there was something wrong with you. I quess that is why I was so protective of you. The vets used to say you had allergies and
we would treat you with benadril.

It wasn’t until nine days before you passed that I learned you had an enlarged heart. You started to breath funny again and our vet wasn’t around so I took you to another. He took one look at you and said oh we have a little heart patient. I quickly said no he has allergies. He examined you and said no he has an enlarged heart. He couldn’t understand how you did so well for all those years. He said that you must have learned to compensate for it. He gave you some pills and said he would
see you in a few days.

You seemed fine you even played with little red rabbit as if nothing was wrong. I guess I wanted to believe that everything was ok. I took you back for your next appointment and he even couldn’t believe how well you responded. He said to decrease the meds. That was on Thursday the 16th of March, 2006. You seemed fine.

Friday night the 17th you started to breath funny again. He wasn’t open so daddy and I took you to the 24 hour emergency vet. It was around 11pm. the doctor said she was going to put you in oxygen and give you some different meds. Around 3:30 am she said we should go, but we could come back anytime on Sat. to visit with you. I didn’t want to leave you with strangers because you had never been left with anyone but my dad. Daddy and I left. It was about a 45 minute ride home. we stopped for a coffee at the drive through and that is when I saw a falling star. I knew then that you weren’t gong to make it and I knew that it was a sign from my dad that he was coming to take you with him.

My phone rang then and it was the doctor. She said you weren’t doing so well but to take our time getting back. We rushed back and they brought us in a room to be with you. The doctor carried you in and I put you on my lap. You looked up at Daddy and then you looked back at me and then you where gone. I know you waited for me to be with you and for that I will always be grateful. But why my Little Guy did you have to leave me. I still have a hard time with your passing. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t miss you. I am glad that we took you home and buried you out next to the big pine tree.

We bought a nice little stone that has your picture on it and there is a light next to you so I can look out at night and know you are there.

Little Guy Mommy misses you so much. Your tenderness, your warmth and that beautiful little smile you always had on your face. Be safe with Grandpa Little Guy and know that theres is not a day that goes by that you are not in my thoughts and prayers. I love you and
I miss you so much.


"Little Guy" Mommy Loves You Big,
Little Guy