Little Guy by Goodson Family / The Goodsons

At the age of 55 I had open heart surgery the end of January 2008. Working my way back, with the help of our Ragdoll Cat Reuben, we saw an ad in the paper for a Mainecoon cat whose owner was allergic to it. My 1st trip out of the house since my surgery took us on a 45 minute drive to see this cat. At 1st I was very apprehensive to getting another cat when our Ragdoll who in a short period had to get over the loss of our Golden Retriever, and two other cats who passed on naturally due to age. Our new cat was dominate and although very small for his breed, was very aggressive. I did not want anything to hurt our Ragdoll. As usual the woman of the household won out
and we now had the new Mainecoon.

The first day with us I think he intimidated the Ragdoll, but got a paw to the face, for we were at the vet that day. I don’t know if the two of them ever liked each other, but they had their time together in which they seemed to play or harass each other. When we 1st had little guy as I called him to the vet they ran tests on him for small size. They said he had a heart murmur. Great, another small tragedy waiting happen as George Carlin would say. Well little guy came a long way in the short year that we had him. I actually think that he liked me,
that is a feat in its self.

Anyway a few weeks ago we were out of town and kids on our block were watching our cats when we got the call that little guy had died. As stated before, this is the tragedy that happens. I hope and believe, that his heart gave out, and he died quickly and peacefully. As I said he had made many positive changes in leaps and bounds. He touched my heart and I miss him dearly. For a man, who thinks he is the man of man this is huge. But I miss this little guy with all of my heart, I am thankful for the time he gave me/us, and hope that we made his life better. I/we love him and miss him and hope that he is in a place of tranquility.
We love you little guy….
The Goodson’s


Thank you Little Guy
Little Guy
Goodson Family