LLOYD by Dolores & Bill Phoel / Dolores, Bill and Kensey

We read about Lloyd and saw his picture in a newspaper article about his owner stabbing him twice with a large survival knife. The owner was about to shoot Lloyd when the police happened by and saved his life. Lloyd underwent hospitalization at the Monmouth County (NJ) SPCA. We already had two adopted dogs, Brandy (PFS 48601) and Dover (PFS 24141), but thought we would offer a home to this mistreated and older black Labrador retriever. His age was never ascertained but the best estimates were that he was between 9 and 11 years old. The newspaper picture of this forlorn animal and its accompanying article must have tugged the heartstrings of many people, as we were one of about sixty people, offering to adopt Lloyd.

At the SPCA Lloyd became a favorite of the staff and was befriended by Midnight (PFS 30852) a 12 year old Chihuahua/terrier mix. It was a real odd couple as Lloyd was a good 90 pounds where as Midnight tipped the scales at about 10 pounds. After the legal actions for removing Lloyd from his owner and he had healed enough to be adopted we picked him up to bring him home and introduce him to Brandy and Dover. In a couple of days we received a call from the SPCA that Midnight (aka Little Lloyd) was pining away for his big buddy. So the pack was increased to four and all were happy and content. Dover died about a year later and Midnight about a year after that.

We knew that Lloyd was a very special dog and deserved very special treatment. We don’t know much of his life before we adopted him three and a half years ago except that he suffered at the hands of his previous owner. Lloyd was not a shy dog but he did not fully trust people, he cowered at loud voices and at first never wagged his tail, even while being petted or offered a treat. He didn’t know how to swim, fetch or play with a ball. He showed interest when Brandy was fetching balls in the lagoon at the house and learned how to swim well but never took to retrieving. Bill had been bringing Brandy to the boatyard (since Merlin died PFS 2082)when the boat was there and he began to also take Lloyd. Both dogs would check things out then relax nearby while Bill did his boat work. During a break both dogs would chase sticks that Bill threw into the water by the boat ramp.Lloyd was a roamer and if Bill became too engrossed working on the boat he would look up to find Lloyd had gone for a walk. Brandy and Bill would then have to get into the vehicle and go looking for him. It is amazing how far Lloyd could go by just moseying along. He just never paid any attention to how to get back. In November 2004 Brandy began to fail and died so Lloyd was the only dog left in the house.

At the beginning of 2005 Lloyd was diagnosed with a nerve problem in his hindquarters. At first he could no longer jump or swim. The problem worsened so that by the end of the summer he needed help getting up. Once up he was able to walk, albeit wobbly. He still went to the boat yard when Bill went but could no longer roam. It was at this time he began to actually enjoy getting hugged. He was never in pain and preferred to lie in the room in which we were. Even though he was high maintenance we were dedicated to providing him with the love and security that he evidently missed as a young dog.

While Lloyd was with us he knew love and security, he was our rescue dog that we took to our home. He no longer needed to cower or cringe, as all his fear and anger were gone. We knew he had a good life with us and he had been rescued when his life was the blackest. He definitely returned the love we gave him but after probably about 13 years of his life he died at home on November 12, 2005. We will miss you Lloydy Boy but you will remain our faithful companion and we know that we saved you and gave you the best years of your life.

As you cross the Rainbow Bridge to be with your other furry friends, Dover, Midnight and Brandy you will also meet our other furry friends you did not know.


With Our Love, Always,
Dolores & Bill Phoel