Logan Smith by Smith Family / Your Chitchy

So many, many years ago it all seems
When you entered our door with a skip and your gleam.

You ran and you jumped exploring the scene
Meeting your family and building their dreams.

You were little and white and fast with a run
You followed and shadowed and brought so much fun.

It was love at first sight, first lick, and first bite.
You snuggled and buggled, and tour off
our socks with such might.

And with those socks you found gold, off went the chase
Until you wanted to be caught with a kiss on the face.

We would roll and laugh till it was time for our nap
And into the bedroom you went, always the first in the sack.

Under the tall pillows you would growl, stretch and play
So blessed were we to share all those happy doggie days.

You grew and you grew, yet always a pup
Never did you stop running amuck.

The years went by far to quickly to say
All the memories of love that were built in a day.

And always love will surround your name for I
Logan, Logie Pogie, Smokie. and Puddin Pie.

Christmas will always be a little less cheery
without you ripping apart all your new squeakies.

And what will we do upon Christmas Morning
When you are not here to prance thru the bright wrappings.

You were our North, our South, our East, and our West
You were our working week and our Sunday rest.

I guess 21 years some would say is long enough
But I wanted 21 more, and feel robbed to be without

But let me say thank you for I know that you stayed
In those later years for us and not just to play.

You new we needed you and for that you were so kind
It was way past your bedtime but you could not see the time.

We helped you along because it was the right seed to sew
Please know it was love that allowed us to just let you go.

If with this poem I have captured your soul and your heart
Then all who shall read this should melt from the start.

You were the most amazing, precious gift sent from above
And I now know you have returned
to the Stars, Moon, and Sun.


Love forever,
Logan Smith
13, Aug 2005
Smith Family