Lou by Don & Rita / Your subordinates – Rita and Don

September 1996 – September 29, 2002

A little ball of yellow fluff
Your eyes were barely open
KoKo heard your weak little mew
Alerting Don to where you were
Cold, hungry and abandoned.
Louie Louie you first were named
But it was changed as we exclaimed
“She’s a she and not a he
Just Lou the name has to be.”
We bottle fed and played your nanny
You grew into a cat more sassy than many.
Of playful siblings you were deprived
Despite being alone, you grew and thrived.
Seldom purring, sometimes a growl
Now and then a soft meow.
Never a cuddler, often a pest
As your “doorman” Don got no rest.
You had a good home, we tried our best
You clawed the furniture, caught some mice
Jumped on the table, that wasn’t nice.
Dug in the pots, but smelled the flowers,
Looked out the window for hours and hours.
Drove us nuts when chasing your tail
In finding a cause we did fail.
Always inquisitive, always around
To help Don with projects which abound.
You left us as quickly as you had come
Killed on the road by some son-of-a-gun.
You left us the way no kitty should go
Why it happened we’ll never know.
Now at Rainbow Bridge with KoKo you’ve met
A more fitting reunion you couldn’t get.
She’s waited a year for you to arrive
Running to meet you with tears in her eyes.
She’s found you again, she’s lonely no more.
Together again – for evermore.


Goodbye Lou - we will miss you
29, Sep 2002
Don & Rita