Lucie Goose

Nov. 26 2001


I went to our local shelter to look for a birthday gift for my son.

We looked and looked and then we saw you a skinny

sad looking tabby looking out of your cage.

We had to have you.

You were sick and we had to give you pills and

you were so skinny only 5 lbs.

You were a young cat only 2 and

we thought we would have you for years.

Six months later you were 13 lbs and did not take

with the birthday boy but became my girl.

A month later we got you a kitten friend baby and

you became her mom.

You slept on my pillow watched me cook and

even followed me to the shower.

You were my shadow and I loved you so much.

In October you started to lose weight.

This Monday we took you to the vet and found out

your kidneys were going and we should put you to sleep.

You were very sick and in much pain.

Daddy and I were in deep shock and knew it was best

because we loved you so much.

So sleep and now you have your wings and

I miss you very much.

Lucie was a very special and loving cat and

I was so happy to give her these 2 and half years.



Lucie Goose