Lucky by John and Teresa / Mommy and Daddy

Lucky came to us in 1998 on my son’s 4th birthday that year.. He was a mix mutt.. but beautiful in my eyes.. He was very playful as a pup; he only would play fetch with a shoe of mine.. as he got older that turned into tennis balls. Lucky traveled a lot over the years of his life; he was born in Arkansas, been to Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina..

Over the years he went everywhere with us. Every outing we had he was there camping, fishing, walking, hiking, he loved it all…. he was my rock, my companion, my friend…ever I needed a friend he was there; he sensed it like no one else could. If I were crying, he nudged with his nose and look at me with a sort of smile gazing look. He was there every evening when I crawled into bed either beside me on the floor or at the foot of the bed; he was a wonderful dog. I could not of asked for a better breed of dog, Shepherd, Chow mix; was great with kids and other pets also, but most of all he was my loyal companion; I never feared a thing with him around.

The last week has been so hard to sleep without him around. I know he knows that he is missed dearly and was loved and is still loved. He was taken abruptly from my family and it was very hard and hurt very much.. but I know now he is looking down upon us, watching us still, knowing we miss him….

Lucky, we love you and miss you dearly, and one day we will be reunited again and you will once again be my loyal companion, and my best Friend. you are missed dearly. Love you, Lucky Luck…..


You will always be in my heart and thoughts,
John and Teresa