Lucky by Raquel / Love,


I remember the first time I met you, when I was only nine. You were walking outside my elementary school heading towards a street full of traffic. Then you spotted your grandma. You ran to her and started licking her, as if you knew her your whole life. You were only 9 weeks old and so adorable. Then your grannie held you inside her jacket and went to pick me up from school. I saw you and instantly fell in love with you. We decided to name you Lucky because you were lucky to find us and we were lucky to find you.

You were such a sweet fragile cat. You almost died on us so many times, but you manage to get through it. Then came October 2002 when you were diagnosed with feline renal failure. I was so upset. You were so sick, but you tried your hardest to love us and be your normal self still. I nursed you and I don’t regret sacrificing my time to be with you.
You were so grateful.

I remember when you had to walk dragging your back legs. You could not even stand up in your litter box so you would wet yourself. I remember cleaning you up and then you started purring as if you were saying thanks. I will always remember spending your last days with you. You wanted to be in my bed with me during your last few days, and did not want to go any other place in the house. Thank you for being my soulmate and my bestest friend. I will always love you.


Love you my baby,