Lucky by Suzi Nelson / Mama

My Luckyboy-
Today I had to let you go-the damage was done and I wanted you to pass in peace with no suffering. You were my souldog, the one God sent to me-and I will always treasure the 7 short years we shared together-thank you for all the love you gave-thank you for letting me love you. You are now with Smokey and Corky at the Rainbow Bridge and when it’s my time to pass, I look forward to spending Forever with my Lucky, Smokey, and Corky-all in God’s beautiful land of forever. Thank you God, for sending me this wonderful creature of yours, and the short yet joyful time we had together. Love Love Love-forever and always-till we meet at the Rainbow Bridge-wait for me and watch for me-
I will be there.


Love Forever and Always,
6, Nov 2007
Suzi Nelson