Luna by Kendall and Sandy / Aunt Kima

Dear Luna,
I am sending you this letter in hopes that you will hear,
Your mom is too sad to talk right now, or else she would be here,
She blames herself for your death and it is more than she can bare,
Please know it was an accident, she didn’t know that you were there,
Too young to die, no last good-bye,
if only she had a clue,
Every second, every minute of every day would have been spent with you,
She loves you Luna and daddy too,
no words will ever say,
The hole left in your mommy’s heart
will never go away!
Live on above knowing you were loved
and I will tell mom and all,
that you are fine, but had to go,
because Silka wanted to play ball!


In Memory of Luna,
17, Apr 2003
Kendall and Sandy