Madison by Anna, Scott and Sabrina / Mommy, Daddy and Sabrina


I hope you’ve found your place in the sun. I’m sure Chanel wondered what the hell took you so long. She’s been waiting a couple of years now for you. Sabrina’s pretty sure the angels have mended your sight, your hearing, and your legs by now. She seems comforted knowing you are in dog heaven with Chanel and that angels are looking after you. Be on the lookout for a red balloon with a pupperoni
attached to it pretty soon.

We bought some flowers for you tonight and we will plant them tomorrow. They love the sun just like you, and are supposed
to be totally resilient just like you.

This house is so quiet without you. I miss your barking for me to pick you up because you could no longer make it up or down the stairs yet at the time I only wanted you for you to stop. I will miss your smile with the couple of teeth missing and the way you would wiggle your butt. I will miss the way you would go absolutely bananas for pizza, but most of all I will miss the fact that if I was ever looking for you all I needed to do was look for the sunlight and you’d be there.


With all our love,
Anna, Scott and Sabrina