Maggie by Dana McElhinney / Mommy

My mother gave me Maggie in September of 1991. She was approximately 2 years old and she needed a good home. I originally wasn’t that interested because I wanted a kitten. Little did I know what a huge impact Maggie would make on my life. Maggie was always there for me. She loved me more than anything in the world. She would always greet me when I came home from work and when I sat on the couch quite often she would be there within seconds to sit on my lap.

If I left the living room to go down to the bedroom to lie on the bed or use the computer she would follow me. She just loved to be near me and I loved that wonderful quality. If I was upset and crying about something she would be right there meowing and rubbing her head against me to comfort me. She loved to lie in the sun and her favorite toy was a simple piece of string. She tolerated her adopted sister, Scarlett, but she was secure in knowing she was my favorite cat. Everyone that met her loved her-even people that didn’t usually like cats.

Sadly she developed cancer and although I did everything I could to help her get better the cancer progressed rapidly and in less than 2 weeks I had to have her put to sleep to relieve her suffering. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life. I told her every day that she was the best cat in the world and I know she had a long, happy life. I miss her terribly and I can’t believe she’s really gone forever.


I'll never forget you, Maggie-
I love you,
Dana McElhinney