Maggie by Elizabeth / Lizzie

You were the pet I wanted you to be!
I taught you all you know!
But now….. you’ve taught me!
How to let you go!!!

I wish that I could see you!
Even though you had to go!
Without you I feel so blue!
But I know you were suffering so!

Please forgive me!
For I feel it was my fault!
I should have taken better care of thee!
For now my heart is like a vault!

No one could ever replace you!
You still have that special place I’m my heart!
I used to call you my “Baby Boo!”
My picture of you is like art!

I want to say good bye to you!
But I don’t have the words!
Of course nothing is good enough!
Because you are and always will be my Guardian Angel!!!


For My Beautiful Guardian,
20, Mar 2005