Mandy by Richard



Nov. 24 1984 ----- Feb. 9 2000

Terrier Mix


...and even on her final day when she could barely walk,

she slipped across the vinyl floor when she heard me talk.

She wagged her tail as best she could as if she understood

when I wrapped my arms around her neck and whispered,"Mandy's good".


No more the days when she would greet with wild bounds and leaps.

(I'd like to think it was for me but more likely was for treats.)

Her hearing faded through the years and now her kidneys failed.

I sat to stroke her silken head and saw her eyes had paled.

I held her tight and wailed.


In recent months she seemed to spend a lot of time apart.

I thank her for that easing of her passing on my heart.

Now only echoes greet me when I cry out loud and clear,

the greeting used for fifteen years,

"Hey Mandydog I'm here".