Marvin by Sarah Tracey / Daddy, Mommy, and little sister Sarah

Marvin, an all black poodle was a gift to my father for Father’s Day from my two older sisters. When we first got Marvin he was so tiny that he could fit into your coat pocket. Marvin was taken from his mother too early so he would rip cotton blankets off the bed and suck on them. He sucked them so much it would make big holes right though them!

Marvin made doing any chores outside twice as long as it normally would of taken. He loved to play ball, even if you were mowing the lawn, he would drop his ball right in front of the mower making it impossible to ignore. You’d stop mowing the lawn and kick the ball for him and as soon as he’d retrieve it before you knew it, it was back in front of the mower. Marvin would jump in the leaf piles, snow banks, he just loved having your attention and playing with almost anything he could.

As Marvin got into his late teens, his back legs started going, he lost his vision and hearing. We thought about putting him down but my dad just didn’t have the heart to. This was his best friend, his companion for so many years and thought he would just die of old age. For at least 5 years every summer and winter my mom and I would say he’s not going to make it through the summer/winter. Sure enough he proved us wrong everytime, after all he still did have a good heart.

The last two years of Marvin’s long life were the hardest, we had to do everything for him but, we didn’t seem to mind. After all, it’s just like taking care of your sick grandparents or parents when their hopeless.

On June 17th 2006, Marvin got really sick and started slowing passing on, he stopped eating and drinking completely and just lived off the love we gave him. A week later, my dad knew this was the end and got up at 3:45 a.m and took Marvin outside. He sat with Marv and just loved him. Marv layed almost lifeless of the grass. At 5:15a.m my dad watched him take his last breath. He was gone, the pain and suffering was finally over and his legacy just begun. My dad buried him in out back yard and said good-bye to his best friend.


We'll love you forever Marvin!
Sarah Tracey