Max-A-Million Case by Charlie Case and rest of family / Charlie

It’s hard to believe you’re gone
But your memory will always live on
The shedding of tears
I sure wish you were here
I don’t want to let you go
Because I love you more than you will ever know
In my arms I now dream of holding you
I still think it can’t be true
I think of all the times we’ve had
Then it really makes me sad
That we had so very few
If I only knew, If I only knew
I wish I could turn back the clocks
And take you for more walks
And held you closer than I did
And wish I had been a better kid
A better friend
My wounds inside will never mend
You were my bestest brother
All I want to do is smother-
You with x’s and o’s
And watch you finish grow
You’ll never be forgotten that’s for sure
If I could I would have paid for the cure
Now to close I want to say
I Love you Max, more and more each day


With my deepest and truest love
Max-A-Million Case
21, Apr 2003
Charlie Case and rest of family