Oct. 1998 —– Still Here


I have a very special cat named Max.

I believe that he has healing powers.

I recently lost my Father-in-law to cancer.

The day after his funeral I lost my little dog Snaggle.

I was overwhelmed by grief losing two souls

so precious to me so close together.

I believe that Snaggle went up to heaven

to take care of my father-in-law.

It was ironic both were sick and suffering at the same time and

now I believe both are in a better place.

I was not home when Snaggle died and for that I am sorry.

But I think he knew I couldn’t take the pain of losing him or

having to make the decision to put him down.

He died at home in his little bed

with all his animal friends around

Max Sam and Sheila.

Max was always his caretaker.

He would clean Snaggle like he was another cat.

He would curl up in his tiny bed with him and protect him.

I believe he knew that Snaggle’s heart was ailing and

he wanted to do whatever he could to make him feel better.

As we made the long trip home after my father-in-laws funeral

I felt numb and was dreading coming home

to a house without Snaggle.

I had a wonderful pet sitter

who took care of everything for me

while I was gone.

I came home to his ashes

a paw print a lovely card and some flowers.

My first night at home without Snaggle

was one of the longest nights of my life.

I cried for hours.

I was laying in bed and I felt these two little paws

reach over and touch my arm

it was Max comforting me.

As I began to sob he laid his paws across my heart.

He knew exactly where I was hurting.

He stayed right next to me the entire night.

I’ve had a lot of rough nights since then and Max has been at my side.

My other cat Sam who is not usually very affectionate

has been sleeping on my other side.

I feel blessed for the 3 animals that I have left in my life

but I sure do miss the one I lost.

It puts a smile on my face to think of Snaggle sitting

in my father-in-laws lap up in heaven.

I thank God for these two wonderful beings

who blessed my life so richly.

Your memories will live on and you will not be forgotten.