Max by Andrea

We remember bringing you home that warm spring day in early May. You were so full of life and so curious about your new surroundings. That first trip in the car you sitting in the back seat when we came to an underpass and you ducked down to the floor as the underpass got closer. It frightened you so and how we laughed at you.

You had to have your little bed next to ours we suppose for security reasons and soon you were joining us on the bed. Only to stay until we fell asleep and then you would return to yours.

Making a mess in the house chewing on the furniture my shoes and sandals became a game and passion for you. When I scolded you your head would go down tail between your legs and then you would look up at me with those “puppy eyes” as if to say “IÆm sorry but I will do it again as soon as you turn your back!”

You loved being outdoors especially helping me in the garden and the flower garden. Every flower bulb that I planted you would pull out! It was a game for you! Your obsession with digging holes in the back yard soon stopped also. No sooner I would scold you and fill in the hole you would only dig it up again. As you got older those games stopped and were replaced with others.

You became the protector of the house and of me. Looking out of the window and barking at everyone that went by. Waiting for Ed to come home funny how you knew when it was after 4. I always knew when company was arriving because your bark was different when someone drove into the drive.

You loved to please! You learned so fast! You were one smart dog. We figured out that you knew well over 50 words and understood each and every one of them! Carrying the mail the paper and bringing me
my slippers were your job!

You never doubted my love for you! You would sit at my feet and keep them warm and all you asked for in return was a pat on your head and me saying “your such a good boy such a pretty boy!

Now you are getting older and are moving around more slowly. When we take walks now I am walking you not you pulling me. We still go on walks and even though they are shorter in distance they still take the same amount of time. Time spent together! I will continue to walk you until those tired legs of yours can’t go on!

Old age is taking over your life but until those legs can’t carry you anymore you will have life. Now the time come Ed will take you in his arms carry you to the truck with tears in our eyes and drive you to the vet one last time. One last ride with us. Oh how you loved those rides. How you loved to travel to the country where you ran free. We will be with you until the end. And we know when you look at us for the last time you will say “Thank you for taking care of you” and I will say “No thank you for taking care of me!”

Run free with the wind!
We shall meet again!



25, Sept 2001