Max by Brian, Adrienne, Courtney, Brianna / Mom, Dad, Court, and Brea

I went out to give him some water and he was lying dead on the ground no eyes or some tongue because the flys had ate them over time.

I ran inside to tell my mom and she had called my dad and he told me just to cover him up until I get home.

When he had arrived at home him and I and my mom and sister went out there to dig his whole and my dad looked at his face and started to cry. He had said that he was my boy and was crying at the same time.

We buried him where his dog house used to be. We cut off his collar and hung it in our garage. After we had set him in the whole I threw flowers on him and sprinkled dirt over him.

After we where done we made a cross for him and Fluffy. He will always remain in our hearts and at least he lived a long 14 years of his life.


We will always love and remeber you,
Brian, Adrienne, Courtney, Brianna