Max by Manker / Grandma

Well, Max, on Friday it will be one year since your left us. It seems like just yesterday that we got the terrible news that you were very sick and you needed to go to the Rainbow Bridge.

It was such a long ride to get to you to say our good byes. Neither your Dad or I said but a few words on the way down. Daddy was not sure if he should have you cremated or to bring you home to bury you in the yard you loved so much. When we got there you were able to walk in the room and even though very weak, you tried to wag your tail. You kept going to the door and looking at your Dad and then at me as if to say, I want to go home, please. It was that look that made your Dad decide that was where you needed to be. A couple times he almost changed his mind about letting you go to rest but then he knew the future for you was not good and probably a lot of pain. It was his last gift to you, his best buddy, to let you go in peace.

The doctor came in and sat on the floor with us and Daddy petted you and told you he loved you and you were the best dog in the world. I held you on my lap. You quickly went to sleep and Daddy had to leave the room quickly as it was so hard for him to let you go. I sat there and held you for a few minutes so that I could say my good byes to you. You know me, Max, I cried my eyes out. I just could not believe that you were gone! You have a lovely marker at your grave and your Mom and the girls planted some pretty flowers there. I try to smile when I see it but still there are days that tears come instead. You know, you were very special to me too. The house is very empty without you and sometimes it seems I hear your tags jingle just for a minutes when I come in the front door.

I can still see you run to the door when I came in. I wish that we could have found a way to make you better but it didn’t seem that was God’s plan for you. I know you are happy and free now and I hope you are taking care of Jackie for me. My that dog liked to bark at you, didn’t he? Rest in peace Max.

You are always in our hearts and with the year of your death in 2 days, I have been crying a lot thinking about it. I just want you to know that we still care and think about you so often. You were a big part of the lives of your family. One day, we will meet again.


You will never be forgotten,