Max by Margaret Haymaker / Momma

MAX – I had a nealy fatal horseback accident in 2004 – I was in a coma for 39 days and they did not even know if I would come out of it – Max and my husband spend every day of it at the hospital with me – in the coma, I would take and stroke Max – I was paralyzed on my right side – but I would stroke him with my left arm – the doctors and my husband couldn’t believe it and the doctor brought in all kinds of specialists to see it – but even though he could not get any response from me, they would let Max get on the bed with me, me in a coma, and I would take my arm that was not in a coma and love Max – then after 39 days, I came out of the coma – I was in physical therapy for 6 months. Unlike Max, I am still here – he is gone now – but right before Max left – in the final minute of his life – he had lost his voice in the last couple of days of his life, but in the last minute of his life – he was on the floor and I was on the floor with him – he leaned back up against me and said – in as clear a voice as a Rottweiller can have – he said “I love you” – just as my husband and I have said to him so many times before – and then he put his head down and two or three short breaths later he was gone –
I love Max – and I always will.


I wuv you,
Margaret Haymaker