Max by Samantha Miller / Mommy

It’s funny how we never find pets but they find us, not necessarily when we think we need one but yet somehow we always need them and don’t realize it until they are gone. Max was that type of dog! I found him when I went to the humane society with a friend and left without him. I had only been gone 5 minutes when I found myself turning around because I couldn’t see myself leaving him there. He became my baby and to everyone in my family they had
just gained a grandson, nephew, or cousin.

He was a person in my life. He knew my ups and downs, knew when I was sick, knew when he needed to just cuddle up to me, and yet also knew when he could behave badly. I don’t know how he knew all that he knew, he truly was an amazing little man. He loved the sun and often I could find him basking in it but when it was winter we had to bundle him up in a coat to get him outside. I never really knew what a major part of my life he was… sure I knew I loved him and would do anything for him but I didn’t realize how much of my life he made or how much I made my life for him. He passed away suddenly when I was away on professional development 24 hours after being found from running away.

I will never forget that wonderful personality, that dog that always wanted to be next to me, that companion who loved people, and that friend who always listened.


I Miss You and Love You,
Samantha Miller