♥Maxie♥ by Kelsey / Kelsey

My dog maxie was amazing. I got her when I was two. After my mom died when I was six she was just like another mom to me. We had amazing memories. I’m still not over her but it’s only been three days. We thought she had fluid in her stomach so the vet gave her AMC and Lasix. It worked for a while and her stomach wasn’t so fat, but then when we got home from church, there was blood everywhere. Turns out she was throwing up blood but she hadn’t eaten for two days. We took her to the vet Monday, and he said that she had to be put to sleep. That was the worst moment. I kissed and hugged her what seemed like a million times. Then he took her into a room and I never saw her again.
She was almost 12.


I'm gonna miss you baby girl,