Maximillion by Brad and Aretha / Mommy and Daddy

I adopted Max when he was 6 weeks old. Before he was 1 year old he required his 1st of a long list of surgeries. Throughout his life he has had hip and knee surgeries, hypothyroidism, cushings disease, diabetes, blindness, and lastly cancer.

Max was truly a fighter. He loved life and living life. He did wonderful right up until the day he died. Strangely enough, it wasn’t any of these diseases that took him. Even though he was getting ill from cancer and close to the end, while receiving fluids he developed an air bubble in his IV line and had a heart attack and died at the vet. I was with him when he passed. Even though it’s so hard not to be angry because for 10 years we worked so hard to make sure he had a good quality of life and to die this way was not what we wanted for Max. However, I have to believe that maybe this was God’s way to help take
that dreaded decision away from us.

He will be so missed. There will not be a day that I won’t think of him. I know that some day I will see his beautiful face waiting for me.


We Love You Milli-poo,
Brad and Aretha