Mecki by Doris & Dave / Doris, Dave & Ed

We lost our sweet boy, Mecki, several months ago – another one of our wonderful kitties lost to kidney disease.

Mecki was the best boy – he was (almost) always cool, calm, and collected. Unlike many cats, he didn’t mind being held and cuddled (at least for a little while). He was the sweetest little thing (although he wasn’t always so little – we actually used to call him “the Husk” because he was so husky). He accepted Ed, our other older cat, without any problem and treated him like a brother, even though he was introduced to Mecki late in his life.

Mecki (we often called him Mike) was seventeen years old, although I honestly thought he would live to an even riper old age, despite his kidney problems. We were giving him fluids and, high blood pressure pills; he also had a heart murmur. At the end, he was too weak to even use his litter box – we took him to the vet numerous times to see if there was anything they could do for him, but we let him go to be with his Mom (Schoene), his brother, Ted, and his sister, Pinky, at the Rainbow Bridge.

We miss him so very much (so does Ed)….

We love you, Mecki…


We'll love you forever,
17, Jan 2005
Doris & Dave