Meggie by Sherry

My dear, sweet, Little Meggie developed congestive heart failure and passed away Monday, September 29, 2008. She was my constant companion and I miss her so very much.

Meg came into my life at 6 weeks of age, a tiny puffball of fur. My life was never the same. There was something so very special about Meggie. She was so very smart. I talked to Meggie just like I talked to my friends, because Meg was my friend, my very best friend. For almost thirteen years, Meggie was by my side. She traveled with me. And strutted through Times Square as if she owned the place. There is no way to express just how much I love that little girl and how much I miss her. Didn’t know I had this many tears in me.

I miss our walks and the way she would grab her ‘goodie’ and run to the living room to eat it. I miss playing with her with Elly, her favorite toy, a stuffed elephant. I don’t know what to do with myself. It was just me and Meg, 24/7.

Meggie was my little furbaby and I mourn her passing greatly.

I miss my Little Meggie.


Mommy Loves You