Meniac by Amber Halk / Amber Halk (17)

My only thought… Why?

From the day we rescued you
from that awful place,
you were MY dog Meniac.
From that moment on
anyone that knew me, knew you.
You were my “princess”,
you ARE my Angel.

The times I miss you the most
are the times when I look around,
and your not there.
Everywhere I used to go,
you went with me.
Whenever I came home from school,
you were at my side,
and even when I went to bed at night, you always guarded me.
I even remember all those times
that I was sad, or sick,
how you helped me through.
You never talked back,
or told me I was wrong for feeling that way.
You just listened when no one else would.
I continue to wonder,
how I’ll ever make it without you meniac.
You were the one always there for me.
I guess that will never change…

I still can’t understand… why?
Why did you have to leave us?
I know that you were in pain then,
and that you were ready to go.
I also know
that you’re in a better place know.
But I still don’t understand…Why?
You were my Best friend Meniac,
I love you so much.
Mom says that it was the best thing.
But was it? Who did it benefit?
These are all selfish thoughts, YES,
but only you knew what kind of bond we had,
and how much I loved you.

I know that what ever happens in life,
and whenever theres no one around to talk to
I can just look deep inside my heart
and talk to you.
‘Cause that’s were
you’ll always and forever be…

I read something recently that made me think about you. It said “…the nights when you’re feeling especially alone, just go outside and find that one star that shines brightest over the rest, and when you get that warm feeling inside, just know that it’s her watching down over you…”

Please watch over us “Princess”, No living creature will Ever replace you, and until I can play with you and hold you again, always know that….I Love You and Miss you!

((Thank you for reading my poem Meniac was my best friend, and I loved her very much. She was a Big part of our family, and the only pet I ever knew. Her death was a big blow to my heart, and this has helped me to start healing.))


Much Love,
31, Jan 2002
Amber Halk