Mercedes Amber Jewell by Frank and Kimberly Volpe / Mommy, Daddy, Jillian & Frankie

Dear Mercedes,

I miss you so very much. I know we did the right thing, but it does not make it any easier. I look for you in every part of the house and your not there. But your spirit is. You gave so much love to us, you licked my tears when I was done and you loved group hugs. When I sang LOVIE PIE to you and I stopped, your paw would swat at me even on your last day. That will remain OUR SONG… Becaus of you I will bring another puppy or two into our home not to replace you, because that would be imposssible. Just to give another dog love and to help Mommy not be sad. I love you forever and ever. Be well my friend.


Love and Kisses forever, My Lovie Pie.
Mercedes Amber Jewell
30, Sep 2005
Frank and Kimberly Volpe