Merlyn by Gary Jennifer Ash



{Merlyn Von Lupus}

October 6 1984 ----- October 1 1999



In Loving Tribute and Memory of Merlyn Von Lupus(aka Merlyn)


For almost 15 years you’ve been by my side,

Through good times and bad you wouldn’t hide.

We’ve grown older together I’d like to think,

But now is the time and my heart wants to sink.


They said that I’d know when it’s time to go,

I didn’t understand how could I know?

In your own special way you told me it’s here,

The time that I’ve dreaded for over a year.


So many memories of good times past,

Of running and jumping that would last and last.

You’ve been my buddy for so long a time,

It hurts so bad to hear death’s chime.


You’re listless and lifeless not you anymore.

You lay there and pant when one comes to the door.

Your kidneys are failing is what we’ve been told

They say we’ve been lucky you’ve gotten this old.


It hurts so bad to know what to do,

I don’t want to face this but it seems that you do.

Your vet has come to the house we call home,

Her eyes tell a story but you’re not alone.


The family is here Ash Mom and me,

To comfort and hold you through tears that flow free.

Your doctor is crying she’s hurting too.

As she readies the needle for what she needs to do.


It’s over so quickly the overdose worked.

Rest In Peace.


Merlyn Von Lupus AKC registered Siberian Husky

Oct 6 1984-Oct 1 1999

Our Friend Companion and Buddy


Gary Jennifer and Ash


























Gary Jennifer Ash