Meshia by R Talbot / Dad

Meshia was a rescue Dog. She came into my life and made it complete, a true and loyal friend. I owe her my life. She saved it twice when I stopped breathing while I slept. She raised the alarm, and I was brought round, but for Meshia I would not be sitting here writing this, she was my Baby and I miss her every day. She is still with us, this I know. I find her white hairs where I know has been well cleaned, a gentle reminder from her.

She was two weeks short off her Sixth Birthday. She came to me and looked at me, pressed herself against me and whimpered; she was asking for my help. She was telling me in the only way she could, she was not well. I took her to the vets. It was diagnosed she had a brain tumour, and nothing could be done for her. We had 30 minutes alone, and Meshia was put to rest.

My heart was broken, but her needs were greatest. God Bless you, my Baby. Play well at Rainbow Bridge; we will be together again one day.


With heartfelt sorrow,
R Talbot