Michael by Dana / Dana

Michael, you and Erik came to me as a birthday gift in 2007. I never thought I’d get attached to gerbils but you boys quickly won me over. You are named after the original stage Phantom in London, England (1986). I call you my Angel of Music, even though you never make a sound.

You and Erik lived happily together in the same tank for a couple of months before declanning. Gerbils do that sometimes and have to be separated. You and Erik wound up in separate tanks sitting side-by-side on a table. I even bought you both tank toppers so you would have extra room to enjoy. In your tank I gave you lots of Aspen litter to tunnel and dig in. That’s also where you sleep in your nest. In the topper you have your wheel, food bowl, water bottle, and a couple of hanging bird toys. I sprinkle food down in your tank because you enjoy foraging for your dinner. I give you all I can to meet your little needs.

Michael, you really enjoy life. You eat, sleep, run up and down the ramps between your tank and topper, digging in your Aspen making tunnels, and just being a happy gerbil. You really enjoy getting cardboard to chew on every day and a few oats every night at bedtime for a snack. You are spoiled, but that’s what I have you for.

You are alone now. Erik went on to the Rainbow Bridge this past Tuesday.


My Angel of Music, Michael.