Mickey by Teresa Furnald / Alese, Eric, Teresa, Mark

Mickey Marie

A member of our family
He was loved like a son or a brother
We had many great pastimes with him
In the winter, he loved the snow blower
We’d blow the snow
Right into his face he’d bark and dance around
But he loved it
In the Spring, he loved the grass
He never stopped rolling in it
Even if you wanted to go inside
But he loved it
In the summer, he loved the lake
People would think he was drowning
He was just swimming through
But he loved it
In the fall, he loved the smell
He’d stick his nose in the wind
Take a deep breath and then sneeze
But he loved it
If an intruder came to the house, he would say hello, then roll back over and continue sleeping
That’s just the kind of dog he was
Not a care in the world
Even at age 13, he still acted like a pup.
He thought he was Mickey the Super Dog
Now he’s the best Golden Retriever in doggie heaven
All we have is memories
Memories to have and to hold
To laugh at, to cry about, to love


Your the best! Much love!
9, Dec 2003
Teresa Furnald