Mickey Mouse by Brian Owens / Dad, Aunt Sarah and Brother Bucky

Mickey Mouse,

It was January 1995 when you came into my life. I found you sitting in that cage wanting a home and someone to love you. I knew you were the one when you came up to play with me. Although we had our ups and down over the years you, My Baby you have always been with me.

After many years of moving around we found our home in North Carolina. Your Aunt Sarah welcomed you with open arms. Giving you all the love and happiness
in your new home.

In the summer of 2002 we got you a brother and playmate. You didn’t really warm up to Brockston Lee (Bucky) right away. But after a while we would catch you washing his face or snuggling on the couch with him giving him lots of hugs and kisses. He will miss you so much especially your wrestling matches and of course having cheese snacks and your left over breakfast.

After all the years of moving around you finally got your own yard to run and play in. You loved being outside in the sun. We would have to force you to come in the house when we thought it was too hot for you and you always put up a fight.
What would a normal day be without you having breakfast at 430 am with your Aunt Sarah or crying for some cheese. She will miss you every morning it just will never be the same and she will never find her another Mouse to wake her up the way you did.

January of 2006 you got sick. Most days you were yourself wanted breakfast and to go out side. January 5th we took you to the Dr. he said you were a very sick little boy. He found lots of fluid around your lungs and doesn’t know how or why it got there. He took care of you but said you were still not well and to take you home where you would be loved and comfortable. So we brought you home and spoiled you more than you were before because we new our time to say goodbye was coming closer.

Today it was a warm January day. The sun was shining on you as you sat in your yard. It was time to say Good bye. We cried together and I held you and kissed you until you were gone. Now you can run and play in the warm sun forever and enjoy all the tuna and cheese you want.

On a the first warm sunny day we will put you out in your yard to spend the sunny days with us.. When we are out there we will always think of you and the silly things
you did to entertain us.

We love you Mickey!
You will always live in the hearts and
memory of your family and Friends.


Lots of Love,
Mickey Mouse
9, Jan 2006
Brian Owens