Midnight by Hayley Geertsen / Hayley

Emotions, birthdays, shock, paralyzation, anger, wonder.

Why me?
May 27, 2006, my birthday.
In the beginning of May, my hamster Shellie died. So small. So

helpless. So devastating. The weekend of my birthday was a

blast, so far. My two BEST friends in the world having an

awesome time. Then Sunday came. The actual day of my

birthday, came. That morning we all got up early to eat

breakfast cereal before my brother did. We then played with the

kitties–Midnight, Dodger, and Mr. B. before i let them outside.

Later, after a long while of playing with them, and me letting

them out, we ate lunch and eventually got bored. So my mom

told us we would drive us to the beach to go for a swim. We

were all happy and having a good time, until we braked at the

end of our driveway. My mom looked right, then left quickly,

right, and then slowly turned her head back to left, under her

breathe whispering, “Oh my God.” I immediately freaked out and

searched the road for what I knew must have happened at her

words. This had happened before to my other kitten, Minnieme,

who has a story on here too. In complete mind-paralyzing

shock, not recognizing anyone else’s words or probable

thoughts, I jumped out of the car, and ran to him. Midnight was

killed. He was hit by a car, with his tail all curled up like it always

was–he died in the middle of a happy mood. We did go to the

beach that evening, but my dad buried him and made him a

cross next to Minnieme’s. Sobbing for hours, the three of us.

One of my friends, Brianna, Was hugging me and crying her little

eyes out too, she was my first friend to meet him, when I first

got him Christmas morning. Blood stained the street for weeks. I

sat in a tree in our front yard, depressed, kissing the stain with

my eyes. for months. Later that week, our smallest pet puppy’s

neck was broken, and she died slowly in my mother’s arms, I ran

to a place where I was alone, and screamed out my sad anger, to

this day, I remain in that place, alone and angry.

It is now 2007, and I am relieved to begin with a fresh new year.

Last year, there were MORE than FIVE deaths of my loved ones.

And I will never forgive that year, that vicious year.


Holding you closely,
Hayley Geertsen