Milo by Mummy

Milo was just 8mths the day he sadly died.
He had been the best escape artist I ever met no amount of fencing
could keep that little guy in.
Just a month previous to his death Milo had suffered a broken
jaw and two black eyes due to being knocked down by a car
on one of his many escapades.
On the day of his accident I made the decision he would never be
alone in the yard again but if he had to be out alone
he would be chained up.
Milo soon recovered and wanted to be free again.
Friday 13th July 2001 the inevitable happened.
Milo was chained in the yard too close to the back fence he
jumped over the ground being much lower on the other side
Milos neck broke he died almost instantly as the chain just wasn’t
long enough to reach the other side.

I will miss that little guy for the rest of my life he was my protector
my companion and my best friend and will never forgive
myself for being so careless.

I love you baby and am so terribly sorry for not checking on
you sooner wait for me I will come
get you someday.