Miracle by Desiree / Tink (Desiree’s Mama)

Desiree’s Miracle left this world the third week in August. He was a wonderful cuddler, his nickname was affectionately ” Lover”, he loved to sleep on your neck from the time he was a wee one. And a wee one he was as he was born with a lot of brothers and sisters, and wasn’t fully developed. However, my mother and my daughter, Desiree, nursed that little kitten with all their love and might, and low and behold he did survive.

For a long time, Miracle was Desiree’s saving grace. I never saw her love an animal as much as she loved and cherished him. He was her very best friend. Miracle went through a lot of changes along with her, in her life, her love life, her friends, and even family changes. All along, there he was, just waiting for her to pick him up and smother his face with kisses. He always gave her looks like he hated that, but I believe he loved her just as much and would speak that to her, if only he could. I don’t believe that Miracle ever knew he was a cat at all. He just thought he was one of us, which for all intents and purposes he was.

Miracle was Desiree’s best friend, and she had many plans for him and her. She knew she could always rely on her Miracle. That no matter what her life brought to the table, he would always be there waiting to love her. Miracle left us last week, at a time when Desiree had to make probably the most difficult decision she has made thus far in her life.

See, Miracle had disappeared. Cats roam, and even though he never had, we thought he had done the same. One week went by, then two… Suddenly Miracle was home again. Sadly, he was sick, and worn out, skin and bones when he came back to moms house. We all think that someone had taken him and he had spent the last two weeks of his life trying to get back home again.

It has been said that animals are capable of that, and I for one believe that is just what that cat did. He knew he was missing, and he had to get home. He had to get home to HIS miracle, Desi. When mom and Desi looked at his paws, the pads on them were completely worn out. Desi spent a long time with Miracle that night, and then knowing she had made her decision, she asked mom to call the vet. I know that her and her best friend, Miracle came to a decision together, and they both knew it was time, even though neither one wanted to say goodbye.

They loved each other very much, and I know that Desi will forever miss him. He was, after all, just as much of a miracle to her,
as she was to him…


I too will miss him immensely..... Run Free Through Fields Of Clover Lover....