Miranda by Pat

December 3 2000

Miranda you are in Heaven. I can not put to words the grief I am feeling right now. I really miss you. I know you are in good hands with God. You have no pain. You are running and playing. Your body is new and complete. Most of all God needs you.

Even though you have had a rough 3 months of your life having been abandoned at a grocery store and having 3 owners prior to myself you were still able to put your trust in me and people. The first day we met I knew you would be mine and we would share life experiences together. We are both blessed to know each other. I will never meet a dog like you. You are so sweet gentle kind with loving eyes and wagging tail. You are truly a people magnet. Everyone who has had the opportunity to know or see you regardless of how short the amount of time (seconds minutes hours days or months) were drawn to you.

I will not forget the rides in the car. I will not forget the burgers and ice cream cones that we shared and you always got the cone. I will not forget the times we played till the late hours of the night. I will not forget comforting you when you were sick or hurt. I will not forget how much you loved me. I will not forget the sound of your bark or cry.

I did not forget to tell you many times that I loved you. I did not forget to hold comfort and touch you and to gaze into your eyes. I did not forget to praise you or tell you that you were a good girl. I did not forget to have you accompany me through life’s endeavors. I did not forget to share my feelings of joy and happiness with you. I did not forget to spend many hours of each day with you. I did not forget to put and anticipate your needs before mine. I did not forget to pray for you.

Why do I adore you and would do anything for you? Because you were always by my side when times were good or bad. When I was having a hard time with work people or family. You knew how to make the pain go away and bring me joy. You did not need to work hard to make me happy. You just did it. You were eager to learn. I enjoyed teaching you. You were happy and content. I enjoyed being around you. You wanted to be with me. I enjoyed being with you. You needed me. I enjoyed needing you. When I held your paw or head or rubbed your head or behind your ears I could see how much you loved me. I enjoyed showing you how much I loved you. You will not forget me. I will not forget you.

This last illness you gave a good fight. You had lots of prayers well wishes and hope for your recovery. When you passed away I cried I kissed you I rubbed your body feet and head. I looked into your eyes and told you I love you God loves you and Jesus loves you. When you passed away I was totally shocked. All the doctors students and staff who were blessed to have met you at the Vet Hospital were shocked.

Miranda you are now in good hands with God. I truly believe we will be together again. We are family and friends forever.

Love Always.



30. Nov 2000