Scruffy by Irene

We got you in May 1984. You were so little and so cute. You really loved to race Len up the stairs but Len tended to cheat and that really annoyed you. No one loved you more than Len. You were his pal his best friend his everything. When Bob came to stay with Mom you had someone all day that you loved. Someone who took you everywhere in the car. Mom and Bob tried to take you with them when they bought a new house but Len said “No no no.” Len was a wonderful care giver and Scruffy did have a few operations but Len never complained. But you stayed with us for nearly 17 years and that’s a lot of dog years and you needed to leave us. We are sorry to lose you but happy to know that you are in good hands. Thanks Scruffy for a wonderful life.

Len Mom Bob and your many other animals friends


6, Nov 2000