Miss Lib

June 30 2001

German Shepherd

When I first met “miss lib” liberty was her real name

she was just staying with us while her dad was on business and

she would stay four two or three days,.

But about three years ago her dad said he was to old to handle her and

she came to stay with my family and every body loved her.

She was the best dog you could have.

She was the only German Shepherd I could call mine.

Then she started disagreeing with my other dog and they had several fights

but after a while things cooled down and they acted nice to each other again.

Then a couple of months ago she would get sick a lot

but she would normally bounce back.

But this time it was different. Mom was in Maryland and we had to take my

little sister to the baby sitter who was ironically my aunt.

When we came back she was fine.

But I guess it was about two or three hours later

I went to check on her and when I went to wake her up she wouldn’t.

Then I noticed a very foul smell and called in my dad who said

that she had passed away right before I turned fourteen in August.

When we were both ready we wrapped her in a blanket

and put her in the car and I called the vet to tell them that we were coming down

to get “miss lib” sent to be cremated and I couldn’t stop crying.

She will always be remembered

by the whole Cooper family as “miss libby”.



Miss Lib