May 8 1985 —– July 7 1999

Golden Retriever

Sadie was a Golden Retriever that touched my life

from the day I first saw her at age 4 days.

She lived 14 years and 2 months. She is missed terribly.

My Sadie was the sweetest most loving dog of any dog I ever had.

She gave more love and gentleness to my entire family.

People should learn more from there animals.

Sadie had sweet gentle eyes and a kind heart.

She had toys from the day we brought her home throughout her whole life.

She never destroyed or harmed a thing.

Through her last days since her eyes were failing and she had no hearing

she would look at me and I couldn’t help

but see her wonder why she was getting old.

It broke my heart that I could not explain it to her.

I could see her wonder why I didn’t talk to her anymore

as she couldn’t hear me.

All I could do was pet her and give back some

of the love she always gave me.

Sadie is in a much better place now with no pain.

She can see all the flowers and hear the wind blow.

She is at my son’s side giving him the love that I can’t from here.

Sadie take good care of Aaron.

I love and miss you both.