Miss Moo Bacigalupi by Cathy and Paul Bacigalupi / Your Mom, Cathy

My Moo Moo, my precious girl, my guardian angel crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday August 26, 2005, leaving behind a brokenhearted family. Her doggie brother, Thor has searched the house, a now quiet, seemingly empty house for her. I listen for the soft tapping of her feet on the office floor but she taps no more. I hear her call from another room, but it must be a dream. Such a little girl, never more than 10 pounds, she kept her doggie brothers straight when they became too pushy. One swing of that little paw, one telling hiss and no arguments.

Oh, every once in a while she’d let them think they had chased her. Just to keep them interested. But Moo and Thor were Buds…they just didn’t want us to know it…it would hurt their image. Moo and Thor would be side by side whenever we came home, sitting just by the door. Now Thor has lost his little sister…the one he kissed when she came home from the hospital. We will miss her forever.

I pray that she uses another of her 9 lives to come back to me. Until that day, I hope she is still watching out for me, a job she assumed when her Grandma Barbara passed away. Moo Moo, precious kitty, beautiful girl, forever in my heart.
I love you.


With love, my kitten,
Miss Moo Bacigalupi
26, Aug 2005
Cathy and Paul Bacigalupi