Miss Sable by Cathy Conrad / Your Human Mom, Cathy

Miss Sable was my Long-Haired Love, my Pretty, Pretty Princess. One of my seven cats, she was demure, shy but very affectionate, but only to me; she shied away from other humans.

She loved my cat Blondie, an orange tabby, with a very sweet and long-lasting devotion. Their gentle romance lasted throughout their lives. She would curl up with Blondie and they would take naps together. She would follow him from room to room. She would do her trademark Sable Strut and fluff her extravagant tail in his face.
They would eat side by side.

I only wish I could’ve come up with a cure for her feline IBD and the complications that rose from it, and that I could have made a better living in these past couple of years, so to provide better for her. I did the best I could but she deserved a palace of her own.


With Devoted Love,
Miss Sable
Cathy Conrad