Missy by Courtney / Courtney your beloved mom

One day I was driving down different roads and then I saw a sign in front of this house that said “Puppies For Sale”. So I got out of my car and walked over to the house and nocked on the door and an old man came out and said “hi”. And he said sorry the pups are all gone. So I went home and looked in the newspaper and it said Husky/Malamute/Wolf pups for sale. They were neutered and spayed already and had their shots and were dewormed and were so cute that I decided to get one. So I came home with a cute puppy in my arms and she looked so much more wolf than the other 2 parts in her so I named her Cuty.

5 months later I took her for her afternoon walk and then when me and my best friend were talking Cuty pulled the leash right out from my hand started running after this motorbike thing and she caught up to him then I heard the most saddest sound in my life and I yelled; no then I ran and saw a squissed dead ball of fur and I cried so hard.

One month later I went to get a new dog and I got a boy one of the same breed and I named him Wolfy. I figured out that he wasn’t a good dog afterall and I brought him back and got a new dog and I named her Missy and this time I knew nothing would happen to her bcause she was so adorable and I was right nothing did happen to her. Then after nine nice years past I figured out that she just got arthiritis in her back leg and she could no longer walk so I decided to put her to sleep and 1 month after that I got a Golden Retreiver pup named Copper and I will write about him when he dies but for right now I’m fine.


With love,