Missy by Derek and Cindy Abrahams / Dad and Mom

I came to know Missy when I met my husband. He had rescued her from a garbage can where she was a mere pup foraging for food. He took her in and over the years she kept him company when he was at his loneliest. He used to walk with her along the beach and wish upon stars for a two legged companion that he could share life’s journey with. Missy would listen and then would chase “rockies” and make him laugh.

Wishes do come true and I showed up in his life and Missy, after some rebelling at having to share her beloved Derek with another female, especially one without fur, welcomed me into their lives. Not long after I came into their lives, my husband had to be away in another country and I was left with Missy to make my way in a strange country. The day I drove my husband to the airport I came back and told Missy we were going snorkeling. She loved to snorkel and so off we went. About an hour later we came back to our house only to find that I had managed to lock us out without a key! I tried climbing into a window on the ground floor and the next thing I knew I was being licked awake from unconsciousness by Missy who had stood guard over me and fretted until she could see I was awake, if not uninjured. Missy stayed by my side while I sought help for an ambulance
since I had severely injured myself.

When I came home from the emergency room in a cast and bruised and battered, Missy was there to greet me and take care of me. She was there to receive her praise from my husband and her best friend when he got back from his trip.

Missy always looked after all of us, making sure none of us swam to far out to sea and her favorite thing was to dig for crabs on the beach or to chase rockies. When my husband and I went to get married she was 7 years old and although I had said she needed to be spayed we did not do it and as a result, when we came home from our trip she was very very pregnant. Again my husband had to be out of the country and the day I drove home to the airport Missy went into labor. I raced home and held her head in my lap for the next 24 hours while she delivered 7 beautiful wonderful joyful puppies. There was no problem finding homes for the puppies and we kept two of them Coco and Blanco and Missy became known as momma dog.

We had to travel a great deal over the years and eventually we found ourselves settling back in my country, the United States and finally finding a place where we could send for Missy and her to babies, Coco and Blanco to join the yorkie, Gwennie. Missy and the other two flew over 5,000 miles to come live in a new country and Missy decided that as Momma dog she would now retire in comfort.

Missy spent her last two years with us enjoying the seasons and just being a wonderful dog. We had always promised Missy that we would make sure that when it came time that we would find the strength and courage to ensure that her passing was one that was filled with grace and dignity and so a day came when she went into the yard one last time, found a rockie and brought it to me and looked into my eyes as if to see “mom, it’s time to say goodbye, keep
this rockie to remember me by”.

My husband drove her to the vet and said his goodbye in private. We both miss her so very much. She was such a special being. I hold the rockie she gave me that last time often as I remember with joy all of the things she brought to our lives.

Missy, momma dog, you will always live on in our hearts and
in our memories.


With love,
Derek and Cindy Abrahams