Missy by Julie / Mommy Julie

My name is Julie and always dream about getting Siamese cat. So I got her when she was only 8 weeks old.. Her name is Missy and loves to carry around socks, underwear,and everything that she find. On August 2002, I found two lumps on her tummy and it was tumor. The vet say can surgery to remove tumor and it will come back in one year. I told her that was okay and the tumor came back one year later. And I went to the hospital for kidney infection and come home on Nov 9th..She finally couldn’t walk anymore.

I make very hard decision to put her down. So I did put her down on Nov. 11th, 2003. It make my heart broke and crying so hard after my friend take her away to put down for me becuz at time I was still very sick. I will meet you Missy at Rainbow Heaven, soon. You are so sweet that I will never let you go again, after I meet you again..


With my all Love,