Missy by Kristy / Kristy


As my heart stops beating
Because I can’t hear you cry,
I’m here to tell you
That I didn’t want to say goodbye.

I miss you my kitty.
My dear one, my friend.
Only time can tell me
When I will see you again.

Your bed lay empty
Down on my floor.
Your warm little body
It will see, no more.

I still see you lying there
Down on my floor.
Awake, but helpless
Crying out to me, by my bedroom door.

Your pretty sky-blue eyes;
Yes, I remember.
The time, afterschool.
Not in June, but November.

Missy, my precious little kitty,
I miss your little self.
Lying upon my chest.
Right now I wish I were someone else.

Now you’re in heaven
With my grandpa, father, and brother.
To replace you, I couldn’t
Because there is no other.

Till we meet again my baby,
My heart will never be whole.
I cry myself to sleep for you.
I pray to God to take my soul.

In memory of my cat Missy, who died November 25, 2000. I miss you baby, and I always will. Kristy


I Love you Missy, and always will
25, Nov 2000