Mister by Debra

Mister was gotten when I was still in high school. He loved too catch mice and bring them in for or approval. I you were not felling good he would stay by your side till you were felling better. Mister would always get into fights and would end up with a large infection from the others cats that fought with him. After several year it had taken it’s toll on our beautiful gray kitten. When he started to have trouble breathing we took him to our vet and that is when he told us that our loving cat had feline leukemia. He told us it would better to put him to sleep so he wouldn’t suffer any longer. We went home to tell everyone else about his diagnosis.

I decided to build a box for Mister to rest in and painted his picture on the top of it along with his name and made a blanket for him to lay on. We buried him under his favorite evergreen tree and place a marker to know how much we all loved him.

Betty Debra Diane & Martha